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Pokemon X Y and Z: Origins of the names Yveltal and Xerneas

A wonderful image of Yveltal drawn by rikishi of DeviantART

I mentioned in my first article that the great Tree of the Wolrd, Yggdrasil, is home to mythical creatures. I spent most of my time discussing how the three main creatures, an eagle, 4 stags and a serpent-like dragon, could represent the main Legendary Trio of Pokemon X and Y. I have now found possible clues to the origins of these Pokemon’s names which also correspond to this theory’s creature locations. First, let’s take Yveltal’s name. Although the myth is associated with Norse, names can come from anywhere (as seen in previous generations). The German word “Weltall” (pronounced Veltall) means cosmos, or outer space, a region that is above the ground said to be high in the sky. If you take this world’s pronunciation and add a Y (representing the first letter of Yggdrasil) then this legendary’s name would be Yweltall put pronounced Yvetlall…close enough to Yveltal with one L. Since in my article I explain Yveltal as being the eagle atop the great tree, one who can fly up and down along a vertical or y-axis, this name origin is very possible. Essentially Yveltal’s name could then mean eagle of Yggdrasil (Y) who is the cosmos or lives in the cosmos axis, aka Asgard (vital). This is just a quick analysis and could mean different things but I am sure that the word weltall could be associated with the legendary in this case.


A stunning image of Xerneas drawn by Toxicroak of DeviantART

Now for Xerneas’s name origin. This is not as tight as Yveltal’s, but Xena’s name could also correspond to the Yggdrasil myth. The prefix or even word Xer means “A member of generation X”. This meaning the generation of Pokemon in which X is presented (6th gen). Then if we take the word neas, which to my surprise corresponds to the word neas, the comparison to the legend makes sense. When looking up neas, the word Neos actually seen as NEOs appeared. NEOs are Near-Earth Objects. Near earth is the key here. In the myth, the four stags live on the ground beneath the tree and are the creature associated with Midgard…Earth. NEOs relation to neas, in this case, would mean that Xerneas if a creature of generation X (or creature representing generation X) is a near-Earth creature, aka close to Midgard (Earth, the place of Mortals). These could possibly be the name origins of Yveltal and Xerneas, but we will just have to wait for either more information or the games themselves to come out to find out for sure.

As a quick note associated with Legendary Pokemon Z (the serpent-like Dragon) names such as Zhalja and Zhelle meaning “A Z Pokemon hidden away/hiding beneath (halja) or a Z Pokemon living close to hell (helle). The name here could literally be anything associated with living in the roots of the tree, close to hell or beneath the earth so it corresponds with the other name origins of living in the sky and near earth.

Pokemon X, Y, and Z: Other Possible Legendaries

Norse poetic drawing of the squirrel Ratatoskr

In my last article I only discussed the main creatures associated with Yggdrasil, these are the eagle, stags, and dragon. There are also other minor creatures living on Yggdrasil which could also be turned into legendaries. The first creature is the mythical squirrel named Ratatoskr who runs up and down Yggdrasil to carry messages between the unnamed eagle, perched atop Yggdrasil, and the dragon Niohoggr, who dwells beneath one of the three roots of the tree. Even though a squirrel is not as amazing sounding as a giant eagle or dragon, Ratatoskr could very well become a legendary or even pseudo-legendary Pokemon. I could image this squirrel Pokemon being part of a “Legendary Messenger/Assistance trio”.


Norse poetic drawing of Huginn and Muninn sitting on Odin’s shoulders

The second of this trio is a combination (similar to Xerneas’s combo of the stags) of Huginn and Muninn, a pair of ravens that fly all over the world, Midgard, and bring the God Odin information. These ravens sit on Odin’s shoulders and tell him everything they have heard on their daily flight around the world each day. It is possible that a raven looking Pokemon could be created to represent a combination of these two and be another messenger trio member.

Norse drawing of the goat Heiorun

While this creature is only related to Yggdrasil by eating the leaves from another “tree”, it can also be seen in artistic drawings and poems of Yggdrasil. The third in the trio could be the goat named Heiorun which consumes the foliage of the tree and produces mead(honey wine) for the einherjar (fallen soldiers were taken to Valhalla). This goat could also be a messenger in the way of sending nourishment for those living in the worlds of the tree. It is hard to really get a good idea of what Pokemon the goat could represent since there is not much known about him other than the aspects I have mentioned.


Norse depiction of Fenrir attacking the God Odin

Another possible stand-alone legendary is related to Odin. This creature is the monstrous wolf Fenrir. Fenrir is foretold to have killed the God Odin during the events of Ragnarok.  As of yet, we have not really seen a true wolf Pokemon (yes there are some that do look like wolves but are not actually wolves).  It would be really interesting to have a wolf legendary that represents Fenrir who could possibly be the Pokemon related to war or blood-shed in this generation. It’s certainly a possibility of becoming a Legendary.

Pokemon X, Y, and Z: Other theories

I have also come across multiple people talking about Xerneas being a Chital, otherwise known as the Axis deer and Yveltal being a Wyvern. While this theory could also work to explain the legendaries, I do however have issues with Yveltal being a Wyvern, mostly that a wyvern is said to be a  legendary winged creature with a dragon’s head, reptilian body, two legs, and a barbed tail. The reptilian body as well as it being a dragon does not seem plausible as Yveltal does not resemble a reptile at all, nor does he look like a dragon. However, these creatures could still be represented by the legendaries so no doubt this could also be the true reason behind them as well.

As we mentioned in a way earlier article on the site, Pokemon X and Y could also be based on two other theories. One already mentioned plenty of times is the 3D axis for the 3DS consisting of the coordinates X, Y, and Z on a plane. The one not mentioned is that there is indeed a W coordinate plane in geometry as well. I know many people are speculating that there could also be a W version for this reason and the next one I mention.

The other large theory is that Pokemon X and Y is based on the chromosomes. Many of you have probably already read somewhere or even on this site how the Japanese logo of the games contains a double helix (DNA strand). As mentioned in my forum post on here, I have a few gender-related theories which I will report for this article.

1) I think that possibly Pokemon X version will be geared more towards feminine controls and design. For example, think back to Black and White. If you chose to play as a female trainer, your C-gear (lower screen) could be changed to have feminine shapes such as a heart, bunny, diamonds, etc. The X game could use something similar but have the feminine shapes no matter what gender is chosen. This could also mean that the design of the trainer card and badge case will be more feminine looking as well. In turn, Pokemon Y version would be geared more towards males. The buttons and layouts mentioned before would then be more like the squares, triangles and possibly sports related shapes for males.

2) It is possible that if the above does not happen they will incorporate the gender difference through the rivals in the game. For Pokemon X, the rival would be a female. She would have certain aspects to her that was very much feminine as well. This meaning she could possibly wear a dress, have all female Pokemon and talk about looking “gorgeous” much of the time. Then in Y version, the rival would be a boy. He would have certain aspects to him that was more masculine such as the presence of muscles, all male Pokemon and talking about being strong, sports fit, brave… idk I’m not a guy, but I’m talking guy things.

The other idea is that the games will have either 4 separate games instead of 3, or like with Black/White have sequels in the form of either Z/W or XX/XY for the chromosomes. Personally, I think if they did do sequels the Z and W idea would make more sense. There is such a thing as Z and W chromosomes. The sex chromosome in animals (such as poultry) in which the female is the heterogametic sex; the male has the ZZ genotype and the female the ZW genotype. Since in a way Pokemon are related or symbolize animals in the Pokemon World, the games could also be respectively named for the chromosome aspect. Therefore there would be 4 legendaries X, Y, Z and W… all possibly but more than likely not shaped by the letters (my issue is with W). My only problem with this theory is if the game developers wanted the DNA/chromosome stuff to be a major portion in the games, why did they not add the double helix to the English titles of Pokemon X and Y?Conclusion:

There is a lot of speculation going around and I am in no way claiming to be correct with the Norse Yggdrasil theory, but I do feel strongly towards all of these possibilities. Only time and information will tell which is correct if any. What I do know is, the more I talk about and research these Pokemon games, the more interested I become. Just the designs of the legendaries in this game are exquisite to me (as opposed to Reshiram and Zekrom who looked like dragons with big butts). Overall I am thrilled that so many of you enjoyed my first article about the Norse mythology and it is an honor to hear what you all think about the theory and your additions to it such as the Dragon Pokemon representing the opposite of Arceus and we have a Devil Pokemon… you guys are just so creative and wonderful to talk with. I hope that everyone continues to be excited about Pokemon X and Y and that the games really turn out nicely.
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